About Us

About Us

How does it work?

Whether you're looking to buy a bike, or sell one, we've got you covered.

If you've ever spent time trying to sell a bike on the second-hand market, you'll know how frustrating the experience is.  Online marketplaces cost money and time, and often only attract buyers who only give low-ball offers.  Having strangers arrive at your home to see your bike is time consuming and invasive. We take all these problems away for you and work hard to get a price for your bike that you're happy with.

Alchemy today...

We’re a bike business like no other. Our headquarters are a newly built showroom in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, but we’re a marketplace for everyone, with the ability to ship all over the world. High-end second-hand is our specialty, and that means everything from the popular and well-known, to the unique and rare.

We sell bikes from varied origins. We have ex-demo bikes from wholesalers, we have ex-team bikes from renowned cyclists and we sell bikes on behalf of private owners. We’re also proud to stock a range of rare accessories and spare parts.

Our mission is to provide you with something totally unique, a place that represents and reflects Every Brand, Every Style, Every Era





What does it Cost?

When a bike arrives in our showroom, we go through a proven process to give it the best chance of being sold at a price the buyer and seller are happy with.   To do this we go through a full Roadworthy Check, to ensure the bike is safe and operating well.  This Roadworthy check also allows us to sell the bike with a warranty, so the buyer has peace of mind in their purchase.  It's something that sets us apart from other second-hand dealers.

We then clean the bike and photograph it, advertising it on a variety of websites like Bike-Exchange, Bike Chaser and of course, our very own.  We pay advertising costs on these sites so you don't have to.  Due to the reach of our online presence, we have customers all over Australia, who can have any of our bikes shipped to their door for a flat rate of $100.  Many of our bikes are also shipped internationally.  By selling your bike through us, you're able to reach customers all over the world, not just in your neighbourhood.

The only up front fee is a $50 Roadworthy certificate which is payable at the time the bike arrives.

Once we've located a buyer for your bike (whether they be local, or anywhere else in Australia) we transfer 80% of the sale price (When above $2000) directly into your bank account. It's as easy as that.

A new concept, with a long history...

Nigel Letty began Alchemy as a custom frame building business in the early 90’s. In those days, the Alchemy name was synonymous with hand-built alloy frames of exceptional quality. Alchemy closed it’s doors as a bicycle brand in the early 2000’s to emerge 15 years later in a new guise.

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