At Alchemy we value your cycling experience more than anything, that is why we recommend with any new bike, you get it fitted to your riding style correctly.
Who should get a bike fit?

If you own a bike, you definitely qualify for a bike fit. Anyone who spends any amount of time on a bicycle, whether it be for a quick ride to the shops or 100km’s a day, your overall ride experience will benefit from a bike fit.  The comfort of your ride is essential for your ride performance and ride enjoyment. 

The Benefits Of A Bike Fit
  • Overall riding comfort
  • Reduced pressure in neck, shoulders, lower back and hands.
  • Increased pedalling efficiency
  • Increased cycling speed
  • The ability to go further 
  • Added bike control 
  • Reduced load on isolated muscles
  • Enjoyment levels increased
  • Better chance of beating your mates…
The Guru Fit

Our Guru Fit machine uses state of the art technology to help create the perfect balance between comfort and performance on the bike.

The machines ability to compare any bicycle geometry to your physical structure, which precision automation in the Guru Machinery means that any riders fit can be made to be perfect…

With expert bike fitters and Physiotherapists aiding in your bike fitting experience, we don’t doubt that we can take your riding experience to the next level.

What Fit Is Right For You?

It is always recommended to go with the best fit you can possibly afford. This means that the most thorough experience is done once only and we create the perfect result for you. For someone that is only riding once a week and is looking for a more general setup, the $149 fit can be the perfect balance.

The Basic Guru Fit |  1 Hour 30 Mins |  $149

The Basic Guru Bike Fit gives you the perfect riding position for a new bike or optimizes your riding position on an existing bike.  

Cost: $149*
Time: 1 – 1 ½ hours, with 40 minutes of riding time
What to Bring: Bicycle, Cycling shorts, shoes and pedals (available for purchase at the shop if needed)
What you Get: A detailed fit report with your personalized xy coordinates and bike recommendations, sent via email.  A highly qualified physiotherapist. 

Key Features:

  • Real-time position adjustments – you never stop pedaling or need to dismount
  • Baseline power and cadence analysis to track efficiency
  • Detailed report with your personalized fit coordinates and bike recommendations
  • Your bicycle will be adjusted to the fit data
  • Saddle height adjustment 
  • Saddle to bar reach adjustment

The Premium Guru Fit  | 2-3 Hours  |  $299

This full, custom fit is for advanced road cyclists and triathletes looking to find the best position for optimal performance. 

Cost: $299*
Time: 2 – 3 hours, with around 1 hour of riding time
What to Bring: Bicycle, Cycling shorts, shoes and pedals (available to purchase if needed)
What you Get: A detailed report with your personalized x & y coordinates and bike recommendations, sent via email. 

Key Features:
Includes every feature of the Basic Guru bike fit as well as these additional performance optimization features to deliver a comprehensive analysis of your optimal riding position.

  • Shoe Insole analysis
  • Cleat Re-position
  • In-depth body angle analysis
  • Compare Fizik, PRO and San Marco saddles and Zipp/PRO handlebars to select optimal components
  • Triathlon/Time Trial-specific fit module
  • 30-day post-session adjustment period to further modify position
  • Bicycle Fit applied to your bicycle

Not sure which fit would suit your needs? Give us a call on 03 9763 8261 


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